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Accelerated Orthodontics

A fantastic smile can make a lasting first impression, which is why it can be very important for many people to have one that is unforgettable. Maybe you have considered having a few teeth straightened up a bit, or maybe there is a significant overbite that could be causing you some problems. The great news is, braces are excellent for helping shape an inferior palate into a phenomenal smile. However, very few people enjoy the metal brackets and wires that come with the more traditional ones. Fortunately, there are also aligners available, which do basically the same thing metal braces do and can be much more agreeable with your busy lifestyle. With David Crumpton, DDS, we can tell you all about you may be able to restore your smile with a piece of clear plastic.

What Can Aligners Do for Me?

When you come in for your consultation, we will take 3D images and scan your mouth. With this, we can create a mold of your teeth out of sturdy plastic. Depending on what treatment plan is decided on, with standard aligners, you may be required to wear them for about a year. It is also highly recommended that you wear them for at least 20 hours a day to ensure the greatest likelihood of success. On the day of your consultation, you will be able to see a digital representation of what your new smile could look like, which can be pretty motivating for many patients.

The aligners, much like braces, use consistent pressure to guide your teeth into the ideal position in your mouth. Whereas braces need to be tightened about every four weeks to stay on top of the transition, aligners will need the plastic replaced about every two weeks to have the desired effect. They should be removed before every meal so as not to get food stuck or accidentally cause staining. Whenever your teeth are to be brushed, first take off the aligner and rinse it gently with water. You can then use your regular toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your teeth as usual. Aligners are so convenient; nothing needs to deviate from your typical dental care.

Accelerating the Alignment

Many people have heard of Invisalign, which can be one of the more popular methods of straightening your teeth. What can be incredible to discover all of the new advances in technology is just how much the field of dentistry has achieved in a short amount of time. With traditional metal braces, depending on the treatment plan, it can take up to three years to obtain the optimal result. Through Invisalign, that time can be dramatically reduced to a single year on average. Now, when paired up with a revolutionary new device, your teeth may be completely restored in as few as six months.

Through accelerated dentistry, a special device is worn in your mouth and uses pulses to stimulate tooth movement and bone regeneration. It is attached to your aligners, and then vibrations shake your teeth. This will cause your aligners to fit better, which will speed up the straightening process. It only takes five minutes out of your day to use it, usually right at bedtime. When the treatment is over, it will simply shut itself off. It has never been easier or faster to get the ideal smile that you deserve!

Those who do not enjoy how their mouth looks may try to cover it whenever they laugh because they feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. David Crumpton, DDS would love to give you a smile that you can be proud to show off, so if you are interested in learning how aligners can restore unsightly gaps or crooked teeth in no time at all, please be sure to stop in see us. If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation or to ask any questions, call the office at 817-678-7395 where our informative staff is happy to help you.


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