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Benefits of Treating TMJ

Woman holding jaw due to TMJ painTempero Mandibular Joint syndrome or TMJ, as it is commonly referred to, causes jaw pain and stiffness and can have tremendous untold negative effects on one’s physical and even mental well-being. If left untreated the symptoms often only get worse.

We here at David Crumpton, DDS want to talk about the benefits of treating TMJ. The TMJ joints are what gives your jaw the full range of motion that it has. It is located where your upper and lower jaws meet. Because these joints are used so much, frequently the tissues surrounding them become damaged and inflamed. The jaw is almost always in constant use; therefore, overuse and undue pressure are significant causes of TMJ. When you are feeling stress or pressure, you may clench or grind your jaw. Unfortunately, that puts even further stress on those joints.

Definition of TMJ

It is important to seek treatment for your TMJ because without it the quality of your life and health suffer greatly, and with treatment, you can begin to regain some of your quality of life. Some of those benefits of treating TMJ would include alleviating your chronic discomfort. Not only does TMJ cause tremendous jaw pain, but it also causes chronic headaches and neck pain as well as stiffness and upper back pain.

However, with effective treatment, patients often report that their entire body feels and functions much better. There is a clear reduction in your risk of dental damage. Often it is found that chronic teeth grinding and TMJ are closely related. It has been found that TMJ can cause teeth grinding and that grinding can lead to some type of dental erosion and cracked teeth. Seeking treatment gives you the benefit of protecting both your smile and dental functionality for years to come.

With proper treatment, you will be able to ease the pain of TMJ, allowing you to eat once more. If left untreated TMJ oftentimes makes eating very painful. Some of the more serious cases of TMJ can oftentimes lead to tinnitus also known as ringing in the ears. This ringing often makes it difficult to sleep or hear properly.

While it is impossible to understand all of the factors that connect TMJ and tinnitus, with treatment for TMJ, we can improve and alleviate the effects of tinnitus. Treating TMJ has been linked to a whole range of health conditions from chronic fatigue and sleep disorders to irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, and more. Though the link may not be the only cause, if it is the cause, treating the condition can improve these other health problems.

That, of course, would be one of the most significant benefits of treating your TMJ. It would boost your overall quality of life. It is no secret that chronic pain and exhaustion eventually takes its toll on your well-being as well as your emotions.

So if you are experiencing pain and discomfort due to TMJ or symptoms of TMJ, please give us a call here at David Crumpton, DDS we would love to help you and answer all your questions. Just call our office and arrange an appointment. Our number is: 817-678-7395


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