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Digital Impressions

Man smiling in dental chair.Some of us may have had traumatic dental experiences as a child, which unfortunately caused anxiety to be carried over into adulthood. This is quite common and one we would like to help everyone overcome through the more recent advancements in dentistry. For those who have sensitive or inflamed teeth, which may cause discomfort on a regular basis, the thought of having someone poking at something that is already very tender is enough to keep them from seeking out treatment often when it is the most needed. It is our goal at David Crumpton, DDS for you to feel comfortable enough with getting the dental care you deserve.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Exams

Through incredible discoveries in many different fields, the technology age becomes all about keeping up with the newer, more effective methods of treating patients. Even the chair you sit in is designed for optimal movement which allows everybody to feel as relaxed as possible throughout the procedure. Many of us remember a time when x-rays were large, bulky pieces of film that took a while to develop and always seemed to be getting misplaced. Now, from the moment you sit in the comfy chair, we can have answers to your questions almost immediately.

For some equipment, there is a rotating arm that makes a full circle around your head, recording up to two hundred pictures very quickly. Within minutes, a 3D image is ready for viewing, where you can see every tooth at any angle with crystal clarity. With modern applications, areas of concern can be zoomed in, color-coded for easier view, and used to predict a course of action. Through digital radiography, we are capable of detecting any number of issues that may be causing your mouth distress without contributing to the discomfort.

How 3D Imaging Can Benefit You

Once we have a clear view of the structure of your mouth, we can begin to discuss the treatment that is suited to your specific needs. If there are signs of degeneration or an area is inflamed, we can anticipate a care plan that takes that into account, so there are fewer surprises in the future. Because of the accuracy of digital imaging, surgery can be precise, and there is significantly less time spent recovering afterward.

Besides aiding in the recovery and regeneration of your dental tissue, there are also other useful benefits to having a 3D image made of your mouth. If you have always considered braces but were put off by the metal brackets and duration of treatment, then you may be happy to discover that standard braces have received an upgrade as well. With digital impressions, mold can be made of your palate. A clear, plastic aligner can be designed that easily fits over your teeth. Through consistent wear and switching out the aligner every two weeks, you can enjoy the benefit of braces in nearly half the time of the traditional ones.

For those who may have avoided making regular dental appointments out of fear, David Crumpton, DDS is dedicated to helping you feel more at ease. If you have any questions concerning your oral health and would like to know more about how we can help you, please do not hesitate to call us at 817-678-7395.


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