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Doctor and patient looking at an x-ray.Many people already understand the importance of good physical health for an active lifestyle. While we are quick to call the doctor when our body is not feeling right, it should also be second nature to schedule with us if you have any concerns about your teeth. Because vital nutrients enter through the mouth, it is very important that everything is functioning at its best. Here at David Crumpton, DDS, we want to ensure your oral health is optimal through the use of dental exams and regular checkups.

Why Do I Need an Exam?

Because there is so much under the surface of what we can see beyond the teeth and gums, it is essential to make regular appointments. Oral cancer can be known to grow very quickly and if caught early is much easier to treat. Unfortunately, the symptoms are usually well hidden, and by the time it is discovered it could be too late. The longer the time between the exams, the faster it can be for disease or infection to spread. Through the use of digital x-rays, however, we can detect and treat a variety of potential issues before they can ever become a problem.

Bacteria exist in the mouth all the time and when we eat, it eats, too. Bacteria leaves behind a residue on your teeth that may give it a weird texture like fuzz. If the fuzz is not removed, it can start to eat away at your enamel. If it is allowed to progress too far, it can eat at the root. This can cause irritation, infection, and even lead to periodontal disease. It is as easy to prevent as having a thorough, professional dental cleaning every six months.

What Happens at the Appointment?

There will be some paperwork you can fill out beforehand so we can be better prepared. This may include habits you have, such as smoking or drinking, any family history of dental issues such as overbites or periodontal disease, and issues you may have had in the past. It will also underline your chief complaint, such as a toothache or clicking in your jaw, so we can make sure it is addressed. When we do a thorough examination of your mouth, we will also be checking for lesions or areas of concern near your throat as well to screen for cancer.

During the exam, we may use a tool to check the pockets around your teeth to see if there is any bleeding or swelling around your gums as a preventative measure against disease. Once we have completed the inspection, we will then clean your teeth of any plaque. This is very beneficial to you, because even though brushing and flossing after every meal can be considered excellent oral hygiene, sometimes there are spots where you cannot reach that may get missed which can collect without you knowing about it. It is essential to your oral care that we remove plaque buildup as we find it. After your examination, we will discuss anything that was discovered and start to plan your course of treatment.

Keeping up with your oral care now can help prevent issues further on down the road. For more information on dental exams, come visit us here at David Crumpton, DDS or give us a call at 817-678-7395 to schedule your next exam.


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