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Traditional Braces vs. Clear Aligners

Woman with clear alignersOrthodontics is meant to straighten dispositioned teeth, fix one’s bite, and repair the appearance and function of your teeth. This practice is usually associated with children, but adults also seek orthodontic work for themselves. Whether it’s an adult or a kid, the process of how teeth move is the same, so orthodontic treatment is not limited by the patient’s age.

Why is it Necessary to Have Orthodontic Work Done?

People get orthodontic work done to stop any premature erosion, as well as to correct overbites, underbites, spacing, overlap, and other ways in which teeth might misalign during development. We recommend getting your teeth straightened if you need it. Doing so will enhance your smile’s appearance and also improve the functionality of your teeth and jaw muscles.

Dental Disorders

If you have a dental disorder, you could end up with various problems:
•  Overlapping teeth are harder to clean, so you may experience more cavities
•  Teeth that are improperly positioned can fracture
•  Your gums can become suffer inflammation
•  Temporomandibular disorders (or TMDs) can develop, causing pain in the jaws

Those seeking orthodontic treatment have two options: traditional braces or clear aligners.

Traditional Braces

By far, the most widely-known orthodontic technique, braces have improved immensely in recent years. They don’t use as much metal as they used to, making them more discreet. Patients who want braces installed must practice good oral hygiene.

Small brackets made of porcelain or metal are attached to the teeth and interconnected by a wire. Their tightness will depend on your treatment plan. This arrangement will then apply gentle but continual pressure on your teeth, shifting them into the desired position. We will replace the wire with thinker ones multiple times throughout the process to keep moving the teeth to their predetermined spots.

After we install your braces, we also need to adjust them to preserve the right amount of tension. Appointments are scheduled once every 6 to 8 weeks, where we make these adjustments and track the process.

Clear Aligners

For patients who want a more discrete alternative to braces, we offer clear aligners. This recent technique corrects mild to moderate orthodontic complications. Removable, transparent, aligners are used to reposition teeth, but without any metal wires or brackets. We create a digital model of your mouth to show you all of the steps to get from your current position to the anticipated result and then craft the aligners for each stage based on this model.

Like with braces treatment, we also schedule orthodontic appointments once every 6 to 8 weeks for aligners patients. The difference is your aligners are changed about once every two weeks, depending on what Dr. Crumpton recommends. Each new set of aligners applies tension to reposition your teeth according to your predetermined treatment plan.

Getting orthodontic treatment done with clear aligners doesn’t take as long as it does with braces. However, for the aligners to do their work, the patient must wear them at the required times. If they do not comply, the treatment can end up prolonged or compromised.

If you’re considering braces or aligners, or you are having trouble deciding between the two, you can call us at 817-678-7395.


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